Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Best Friends~

Panjise~love u all!!muahxx
Kak mira & Kak tie..thanx sbb slalo support sy~

A Best Friend
A friend that really cares
All my secrets i can share
There when i need a hand
There to understand

When i cry
She will be by
If i am away
She will call me day by day
If i need her at all
She'll be there to stand tall
Anything i say will be heard
She will listen word by word
If I am late
She will open the gate

As she looks in my eyes The sparkle she realize She is the one that cares And the one thats there


kATUn said...

u r my bestfwen!=)

kATUn said...

ow ya! kte punye background yang same!(~_^)

Suezack said...

u r also my bestfwen~
tak sempat nk upload ur pic kat post ni..
nnt i'll~

nAdiEy said...

waa, muko aku sekerat......
xpo2, aku redho...haha

Suezack said...

haha..mata u sbelah je..
jnji cun..

nAdiEy said...

haha, hok 2 hok pentimnyo....

Anonymous said...

bile neh... panjise mana jadi.. sbb aku punya i tuh