Thursday, October 7, 2010


its hard to make a good decision when there a many choices.
totally in DILEMMA.

dah resign from my company.
because I realized that I really did not enjoy my job.
on 5th Oct I went for a interview at GC Company near KL Sentral. and yesterday i received a call from them, and I got that job. yeaaaaaaa! Alhamdulillah ~~~~~

why I am i DILEMMA???
because I have to report my duty at GC Company today (7thOct) . but at the same time I have to attend HSBC's second interview at Wisma BSKL at 3pm today ! and yeah, Citigroup that I went for interview in Penang long long time ago called me yesterday and set a phone interview which is also a second interview at 3pm also !!!!! aaaaaaaaaaa.. which one to choose??????

its really hard to make decision right now. because there are pros and cons. sooo???????


asma liyana said...

gila ah suezack..~!! pilih jgn x pilih.. :)