Sunday, March 25, 2012

3 months!

i love today's Daisypath. :))

yeaaaaa... We've engaged for 3 months!!! tup tup tup, time flies too fast. hehe
as our 3months anniversary, I rewarded myself with Sijil Kursus PraPerkahwinan. HAHAHAHA. and this is a gift for my lovely fiance. :p sayang, I dah ada sijil kursus kawin ni. lets getting married! MUAHAHAHA

seriously I miss my fiance. :))
long distance relationship. petua?? emmm tak susah, tapi agak mencabar. hihi. tapi kuatkan semangat, cekalkan hati.
I am so touched when I saw his phone, wallpaper is my pic!!!! u r so sweet lah der.. I never tought u could be sweet like this. ingatkan hati batu. rupanya dalam hati ada taman. hik! I loike.

being in a relationship with someone who is much older than me is a BLESSED. it is not a gap of 4 or 6 years. but 11 years. :) things happened for a reason right? maybe he can bring me to the right path. Amin.

lets focus on the future. chaiyok2...

**tetiba rasa nak resign. rasa nak buat home bakery plak. sebab stress dah duk ngadap pc, pikir kira2, tekan2 calculator. rasa nak termuntah dah. nak g keja pon dah malas. hahaha**