Sunday, April 15, 2012

Kuala Lumpur~

safely arrived yesterday. 1st person that I met was my fiance. :)whole day spent together. at 10pm I drove to my sis's house at Klang.

tomorrow will start a new work. new environment. new challenges. hope I can cope with all the new things. and for sure, no more wake up at 8am, no more drive to office at 9am. huhu. everything has to be as early as I can. that's the biggest challenge for me. huwaaaaaa! for this 7 weeks, I will live at my aunt's house at Ukay Perdana during weekdays, and will be at Klang during weekends. after this 7 weeks, I will move to my hubby's house. :)) and I am really counting the days...

wish Me luck at my new place. :)