Monday, May 10, 2010

first day.

10th May 2010
report duty at KPJ Ampang Puteri .

this pic was taken in front of main lobby. my mom asked me to send an mms to her..dia nak tengok my dressing to work place lulus SIRIM tak. wahaha.. and luckily, she loves the way i dress..dia cakap "cantek dan sopan. tahniah. kekalkan macam ni.." phewiit..mak i puji i ! wahaha

830am went to HR Department.
fill in the form.
then akak tu bagi this nametag.
so i have to wear this.
ermm.. boleh tag kalo kita buang perkataan "TRAINEE" tu? wahahahaha.. :))

i have to meet Finance Manager. but she was on meeting at that i have to wait for her.
wait from 10 till 1 o'clock.
lepas tu ada interview session ngan beliau. purpose interview tersebut- to know which unit is suit with me. because Finance department got 6 units..which are bla bla bla (malas nk type) . and i be assigned to Credit Admin unit.. my supervisor for the time being is Encik Jaafar.. he's very kind and handsome ! still young ok.. ngeh3..

ouh. in da afternoon, i was assign to key in this bunch of data.. aaaaaaaaa.. seriously juling mata. and x siap pon td. so i'll continue to do this tomorrow...

but seriously, from deep inside my heart, student's life is the best !!!!! boleh tdo smpai lebam. boleh ponteng. skang ni mane blh nk wt cm tu dah. :((

amat penat. rasa nak demam. kena tido awal. esok start drive sendiri. semoga selamat pergi dan balik.. ngeeee....

kenapa org Finance kerja bagai nak stress? ouh ouh. sy tak suka environment sebegitu. huhu.

miss my friends~ XOXO