Thursday, August 19, 2010

My First Interview !

hey. first of all, rasa lama giler tak update. and one more, dah deactivate FB. mayb for a short term, or it could be for a long term. just wait and see ! :)
ehem ehem. lets talk bout my interview. hahahaha

last Monday, 16th Aug went to Penang for an interview with Citigroup Transaction Service which is Citi bank subsidiary. nervous amat coz this is my FIRST INTERVIEW ever in my life. ketar kaki cheq ! pegi balik hari, travel by bus, tak sempat sahur, tak cukup tdo, penat giler. itulah kesimpulan journey utk this interview. a big thanks to Nadiey sbb bagi tumpang bilik, teman beli kasut, antar g sg nibong. thanx a lot babeh ! :)

actually on 1st Ramadhan received a call from HR Citi, asking me to attend for an interview. bcoz I have nothing to do, so I agreed to come along for this interview. Seriously, tak bagi harapan pon for this job. just to gain some experience during interview session. :) tp kalau ada rezeki kat Citi, aku tak kan menolak lah. Syukur kalau ada rezeki. kalau takde, kita cuba lagi. hehehe

First thing to do time mula2 sampai tu, isi form kat HR department. then submit together with photocopied academic cert, passport photo. then kena buat 2 essays within 25mins. in English ok. then di interview oleh 2 Chinesse. one male, one female. then kena jawab test English and Math. unfortunately, i didnt bring along my calculator. so can u imagine, 50 Math's questions for 30 mins without calculator!!! hmmmmmm.. after that ingat dah boleh blah balik la kan coz its almost 5pm. but then, datang one Chinese woman suh masuk bilik interview lagi. oh NO ! x abes lg rupanye. huhu.. lama beb.. from 145pm until 530pm. huhu...

lepas balik interview tu, tdo tak hengat dunia. hahaha.

Job hunting, Job hunting. Job hunting!


MuHaMMaD././ said...

so macam mana kerja tu dapat ke x?