Wednesday, August 25, 2010

soalan sensitip !

for da time being, this question is very sensitive ok. "dah keja??"
ouh NO ! i hate to hear that question !
sape2 yg jmpa sy, please dont ask me that Q ok. how bout another Q? hehehe...

hey. seriuously its not easy to think about future. to job hunting.
u nak that keja. but then that company doesnt want you. so how?
menunggu bulan jatuh ke riba lah gamaknye......

just received another call from company for post Management Trainee ...
tanak mengharap apa2.. but then still mengharap. SO HOW?
harapan itu menyakitkan once kita tak dapat capai that harapan.
hmm... tanak berharap. tapi. tapi. tapi.. entahlah !

hahahaha. i wanna share this story.
last Monday i went for interview rite...
then the interviewer said "wait for 2 weeks, if u dont hear anything from us, u can call our HR.."
but then, yesterday i was so eager to know the status of my application. then i buat muka tatau malu, I call their HR. muahahahaha.. then she said, "Ouh.. Suzailin, u came for interview last Monday rite? emm.. actually the data is not being updated yet. but dont worry, once the data are ready, I will call u..."
ok..dengar je dia ckp cmtu. aku dah putus harapan. ok bye ! tanak pikir lg..
*giler tak leh nak terima kenyataan*

hey friends.
sesungguhnya jadi penganggur itu amatlah tidak best !
no money. no shopping. no enjoyment.
life is dull !

ouh job. please come to mama.


Spek PinK said...

gudluck syg~! :)

suEzaCk said...

hehe.. thanx lalink ! :)

Bint Lazim said...

life is money yeahh hahaha

oghe tok beh gok ni sbb menganggur haihh tadop pitisss

jack said...

btul2...its all about

siyesly x best...nok wak gapo2 mesti mikir 2 3 4 kali. hahaha pitih..pitih..