Saturday, April 17, 2010


sorry friends..
sbb sy x cerita pon pasal tu kat awak2 .. tiba2 awak2 baca kat blog sy..dan awak2 terkejut..sorry2..bukan sy x nak cerita dari awal kat awak2, tapi sy x tau mcm mana sy nk start cerita tu kat awak2.. sbb sy pon rasa masih x mintak maaf skali lg ye awak2..ampunkan sy..didnt meant to hurt u.. *_*

my sister keep on calling me..asking "when and where will u do ur check up?nnt nk follow up kat mana? Putrajaya or KB?? "
ouh ouh..and my answer tentulah berbunyi begini, "can we talk bout this later..later..and later????"
ngeeeeeeeee...lucky to have this great sister..amat prihatin.. i love u my dear one and only sister...

i always talk to myself..."boleh tak kita pikir semua benda ni lepas intern, lepas dapat scroll?"
and i always said to my body, "hey mr body..please dont collapse until i received my scroll.."
can u get what i really mean here??i want to celebrate my graduation day with my friends..and i wanna received my scroll..i wanna make my family pround of me...
but then, why this happen to me, SUDDENLY?? hmmmmm...
ok2..think positive...things happen for a reason... :)

last nyte.sedang asyik diulik mimpi, received a msg.. baca msg tu, sejuk je ati.. rasa amat2 dihargai... and seperti biasa, tears came down .. hehe... terharu...~ btw, thanks to awak !

*lupakan masalah tu sekejap..focus on final EXAM !! *