Monday, May 23, 2011

Bed Time Entry

today is a HECTIC day.
one of my colleague on leave.
and the other one have migrate to KL Branch.
so kakitangan tak cukup, maka terkangkang lah kami yg ada kat office ni.

hey... look at my baby's meter.
2510. there's a meaning. hehe its my birth date. :) *semangat nk snap gambar td*

td before Haikal tdo, sempat la bed time story kejap.
Story pasal exam. Smua jadual exam from Monday until Thursday dia bitau. include ngan recess time and balik pkul bp skali. hehe. so clever lah anak Mummy ni ! :)
"Mummy...nnt kalo Haikal dpt no 1 smpai 6, Mummy kena bagi hadiah tau. hadiah yg besar.."
"hadiah apa yang besar tu bang?"
"apa2 je lah mie..... tp abg nak adiah yg best2...."

Goodnite my heroes.
Goodnite peeps.
*hugs and kisses*


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