Friday, May 27, 2011


today tersangat2 lah dahsyat, kapal kami bukan setakat tenggelam...tapi karam !! that's how to describe keadaan kat office today. we cant manage to control our workload. since terlalu banyak especially for ID.. *sigh* time out from office today at 11.40pm ! 14hours of working... and I totally lembik + hungry .

Time for run EOD for ID is at 10pm, but we get approval from our big boss to extend the EOD until 11pm. and time for run EOD Phil at 10.30pm, but raise approval to 11.30pm. seriously today volume very very high. luckily my Japan didnt have a lot. So I manage to do ID and Phil...
And today I am very2 proud of myself. hahahaha. u know why? sebab dalam sehari I fly ke 3 negara - Japan, Phil and ID. :p hahahahaha.

Only one thing that I keep on praying and wish.. hope we didnt do any error for today. Usually based in my experience, when the volume is high, we tend to do mistake and sometime that point missed out by both maker and checker. Hope nobody from Japan or Phil or ID will look for us tomorrow, and please dont spoil my FRIDAY mood! :)

seriously tadi lapar apa lagi, pukul 12mlm melantak nasi beriyani laaaaa.... lunch td action sgt tak nak makan nasi kan, so bila dah balik lewat malam mcm ni, perut berkoroncong la kan...

this was eaten by two girls yang kebulur. see, kebulur kan .. licin beb....

kak Zila. the person that I will miss the most on my 2 weeks mandate. ouh, sila behave ye bila aku tak de nnt!

hey. its already 1.30am.
need to berdengkur now. if not I pening lalat tomorrow morning.
hugs and kisses. muah muah !