Sunday, May 22, 2011


last nite I was chit-chatting with my old friend, about career..
then I told her that I am very2 interested to join this one company.
then she told me a bit bout this company. and I was like WOW. I want to be part of this company.

after coming home from Tesco, received a msg from Jobstreet alert. and I was like WOW once again. jobstreet said that this company (company that I chit-chat with my friend) wanna review my full resume. and I said to my heart , "eh smlm br ngumpat dia, arini dia dtg.." ouh syukur.

then over excited, forward that msg to encik Hubby. then encik Hubby trus call..
"jgn excited sgt syg. dia br nak review. blum tentu dpt interview"
ouh rasa down kejap.

then quickly switch on my laptop, check email. I read this email, and quickly press the button "Apply Now" . hahahaha..

that's why terlebih EXCITED.

I have a plan to get married soon. So I'm looking for a job nearest to my Hubby so that he can fetch me to office..*hahaha. berangan.* So, it should be KL!! and also I'm looking for a job that offer a better salary(I didnt mean that my salary now is not good. but just looking for a best offer). hehe.

Dear Sir,
I really hope that you interested on me.
and FYI, I'm very free for next 2 weeks if you wanna invite me for an interview.



nAdiEy said...

waaa, married sooooonnn????? please oyak dulu, jnge wak kad baru nok oyak......haha

Shikin Ismail said...

the most interested part dalam entri ni is "i plan to get married soon". hey darl!!! jangan lupa jemput!!!!!!! i am totally gonna save the date for your big day! :)

Sue-Jack-Lynn said...

diey..soon it could me next year, next 2 years, or next next next .... hahaha. no worries. bukan ini tahun . :p

Sue-Jack-Lynn said...

ekin... of course i akan jemput u darl ! tp x tau lg bila. hahaha wait yaaaa....

Anonymous said...

waaa. best nihh . ley g pengkalan cepa makan nasi minyk nih . heheh . hope u get the job syg! hehe